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July 17, 2007



Hi Tania,

Oh, congrats on all of your wonderful news. Your marriage, your home, your garden, your new neighbours (I saw Reesor and loved it!)...and Karina told me about good work things as well. I'm really really happy for you! xo


Yum! And I love the alphagetti photo--too funny. It would make a great card or postcard.


Which farmer's market did you go to? Yes I know it's a weird question but I'm on the look out for a good one in the downtown area... And great shots! I love how clear and simple yet well-designed your photos are.


How wonderful to have neighbors who can knit with you. I, too, hope you continue meeting. Sounds like fun. :)


Hey Tania... Love the shots :) It feels like summer in ONtario (almost Picton).

Moo now has some "readymade designs" Some of the illustrators remind me of you. I think you would be great.

check them out.


ahahahahah, tania... you're almost turning portuguese! :p
I love caldo verde soup ;)

Evelyn Lum

Firstly, congrats on your wedding! Really cool!!

Next, I love alphaghetti. Your picture just made me love it more!

Do check out my blog and read about Krystal and Alec. Add a link in your blog so more people could read about it. I really could use your help and support on this one!

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