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October 17, 2007



Well, in my book rearranging rooms comes under crafty - I certainly feel the same satisfaction and inspiration afterwards :)

Love the sound of that film, will watch it when I can! Me too I just get completely immersed in films, it can be worth it to just look at the costumes or listen to the soundtrack sometimes. Like the actors in this one though, so sure it will be worth it. Have a nice Thursday!


Oooh, thanks for the movie recommendation. That one looks excellent. I remember seeing something about that, and now I need to find out where it is playing in my fair city. I took your advice and rented Ms POtter the other week, and it was excellent. Such a lovely movie, and that Beatrix was a fiesty lady.


I LOVE "Dummy"--so quirky and funny, and so amazing that Adrien Brody did all his own ventriloquism. And now I'm excited to see "Darjeeling," too...I just have to be patient until it finally comes to the local theater :)


I just saw the film last night... It was lovely. I can't get over how skinny skinny Mr. Brody is... He has giraffe legs!
But yeah, it was lovely and I thought it was well done. Lush colors and always a great attention to detail.


Dummy is such a cute movie.


Joey and I rented Dummy last night. We loved it! Thanks for recommending it!
We've been watching a lot of older films lately. (Flashdance the other night.. how amazing!)


Thanks for the film tip! It sounds and looks fun! I will have to go and see it whenever it arrives here...

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