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October 30, 2007



that is so ridiculous about the embassy rules! gah...i would have been totally annoyed as well. how funny would it have been if you had discovered other purses hiding in the bushes! afterall, i'm sure you weren't the first person to discover cheese and apples were banned substances.

Tania Ho

oh Tania, I am so sorry about the boy cat, I was hoping he'd be getting better. I know exactly how you feel, it's a horrible decision to make :( a big hug, T


the coffee picture? that speaks the 'phew' loud and clear. ace pictures tania xx


DId you really leave your camera and knitting and CHEESE outside under a bush?? that is brave of you...How innocent cheese cause anyone any sort of problem? What has this world come to??


I love that bag!


I had a similar experience at the embassy, and i'm so happy that humanity was on your side! I also have just got out of an 'uncrafty' rut and am back on track - though the bag you just bought yourself looks strangely familiar with the pattern i'm using to make my bag! Too funny!


I can't believe you had to do that! surely they have lockers? or search facilities? do they assume that you are going there and nowhere else after? I'm amazed! under a BUSH!!! your camera!!! how very odd.
I'm fuming for you!


I once had an empty bottle of whisky in my bag trying to enter the immigration services building in nyc. We had to camp outside the entire night before, and it had come in handy. All I could think in terms of reaction was "Oh, THAT'S where it was"... How embarassing!


Hi Ya...

That sounds crappy. Glad it worked out in the end. You know what is crazy. 3 days before we were having tea and cake with your mum over here.

See photo here:

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