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November 05, 2007


Marta Mourão

Uau Tania, I really feel sorry for you. It´s so bad to loose someone we love. I have 3 cats and I can´t imagine how I would feel. I saw the flickr pictures, they were really friends! Why don´t you offer your love to one more cat? Maybe the Girl Cat would love to have one more friend. I also left a comment in Paul´s blog :)
Give a kiss for me in Girl Cat***


I am so sorry about your kitty. He looked like a sweet boy.


Oh, that's so sad. :( Sending you strength and wishing you peace to cry. What a lovely little feller. Hug.


I'm so sorry. It's so sad to lose a pet, a member of the family. My condolences.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure these next few days and weeks will be difficult for all of you. Make sure to take time for yourself and to grieve. I have lost pets suddenly and can feel your pain.


gosh tania, i'm so sorry - it can often be the losses of these friends that we miss from day to day. take care xx


I am thinking of you three in the huge space that Boy Cat has left behind. He was well loved and that should be some comfort to you in the difficult days ahead.


I am a lurker, but I felt that I had to de-lurk to let you know that I am so sorry for your loss. I have gone through this sadness with my own cats in the past, and since one of my two kitties is already 17, I know that I will have to go through it again. :( Your boy cat looked very young and so this illness must have come as a shock. You are right to spoil you girl cat right now ... I believe that cats can grieve too. She will help you to heal as well. Hugs to you!


I 'm so sory about boy cat. Knowing he was suffering and it was the best decision for his benefit doesn't make the pain go away. Warm thoughts for all you who loved and will miss sweet boy cat.


We all have lost a beloved pet and grieve with you.


So sorry to hear about boy cat, Tania. At least you got to be with him at the end. Hugs to you and girl cat.

lisa s

so so so sorry for your loss tania.
big hugs

tania ho

oh tania, so so sorry to hear about the boy cat :(
A big hug for you both, and all the best for girl cat, who I'm sure is missing him terribly ...


I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Our cat's boyfriend of 3 years(the neigbour's cat) moved away in August and she still misses him. We keep thinking we should get her a kitten to keep her company during the day. Maybe when you feel ready - Girl cat might like a kitten as a new buddy? Cat's are like people and they get attached...they also get lonely.


That is super cute photo of those two. awe... We'll all miss b.c.


Oh, I’m so sorry about Boy Cat.
It is such a hard decision to say goodbye to a beloved companion. Although we know…they let us know it is time.
In their short lives, they give us such unconditional love and always break our hearts when they have to leave.
Hugs to you Paul and Girl Cat.


It is hard when a fuzzy friend dies. He had a good life with you.


I am sad for you and very sorry to hear of your loss it is always so very hard to lose a beloved pet. I tell you what though boy cat was lucky to have had you and Paul as his human family-he had a wonderful life


big love to you three for the loss of the boy
be gentle with yourselves

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

My heart goes out to you and Paul. A hug from another blogger in T.O. Big hugs to girl cat.


Tears for you and yours this morning. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I know he was so loved and will always appreciate the time spent in your home. I can only say, there's nothing like a boy cat, they really tear at your heart. The girl cat will miss him terribly for a few weeks. Our survivor looked for weeks for his sibling. Now he's more clingy than ever.

Hoping you have better days in the future.


Oh, so sad. Give girl cat lots of extra love!


i'm sorry about your boy cat. poor little buddy. i lost my boy cat in april. i miss his headbutts. my girl cats don't understand the headbutts.

belly rubs for your girl cat, if she likes that sort of thing.


I think you got my other note via flickr. I'm sad. I'm glad that Boy Cat got a little spot on your blog "boy cat was here" ... cute little guy.

give hug to the girl cat for me


Oh, Tania. I am SO sorry for your loss. Boy cat looks like a wonderful pal, and I am glad that he got to spend all his good days with you all too. What a wonderfully written (albeit, sad, making me teary-eyed) post/tribute. Hugs.

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