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November 23, 2007



I wore my new puffy coat for the first time yesterday. I thought I looked a bit like a big green caterpillar. I prefer your sleeping bag analogy:) Love the bird prints!
Happy snow,


What a beautiful picture of snow!

Marta Mourão

In Lisbon we never have snow, just rain. The weather is changing so much, it´s so different now... I would love to have snow during winter time!


That photo from the window is gorgeous - would make a fantatic piece of art all blown up and on a wall. Great news about the book, hope it comes to australia eventually, I'd love to get it.


We just got back inside from a cold walk from the pub/restaurant. I felt like I was in Winnipeg and so i shouted to the street. In fact it was probably about 5C... however, no one in London is ever dressed appropriately.

BTW forgot to tell you I was in Etsy offices in New York last week. Very cool -- amazing work on the wall from all the Etsians.


wonderful pictures. and I their flow makes a sum that is greater than it's parts. please send some of the magic of first snow to London*


I love birdy prints in the snow, there's something so opposite about it. Enjoy your snow, I love the cold weather too and I'm hoping we get snow soon (or at least sometime this winter)!


"the modern laxative cereal"... I don't know how many packets that would sell these days! what a thought at the breakfast table!


Your snow shot is just gorgeous!

Marcela from Argentina

What a beautiful photo of the snow! A bird was there! I love it.. Here is Spring... flowers and hot. Kisses!


Oh snow!!! I miss the snow here in Spain. I always have a weird-good feeling when I see snow.Enjoy it for me!


Hi Tania. Thanks for the pictures... you are getting me in the mood for our trip back to Canada for Christmas. I keep meaning to send a photo of Lily and all the great stuff that you sent us. She really adores the bags... puts her little cars in them and then puts them on her shoulder before waving me goodbye to go into the other room (I think she thinks she is off to the shops).


Oh that photo is so perfect of your feet with the little birdy prints and I love how you can find beauty everywhere you look, even in a steamed up window. Brilliant! Very pretty indeed! Enjoy your snow!

P.s. I couldn't help but pick up on the modern laxative cereal either, very funny and not very appetising, but it is very orla. ;-)


Oh my goodness! Tiny, perfect birdfeet prints in the snow! *swoon*

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