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November 15, 2007



I also think the Gudrun Sjödèn cataloges are inspiring! And when I am finished looking at the photos, I use them as cut outs for collages, birthday cards etc. Now I'm waiting for a chance to pick up my Christmas dress from the Gudrun Sjödén 1940s collection at the post office. :)

Tania Ho

I'm also a Gudrun Sjoden catalogue collector :) I receive them every season and although I've never ordered anything yet I love to look at them for inspiration, it's always so colorful and filled with beautiful patterns.


where is the lovely "u" in colour :)

Alexandra Santos

Thank you for sharing such precious information! I totaly fell in love with her style and proposals! I already ordered the catalogue and I'm sure I'll become a customer. Thank you so much :)))


Those clothes... all of them... how I wish I owned even just the one piece. So wonderful.
see you, gracia


oh yes!! I am from belgium and I found Gudrun Sjoden online...I so love the clothes and the colours....They are brilliant!! I am always looking for these styles of clothes...hope you have more of these inspirational sites and ideas! Love to read more here!
a hello from belgium!!


I came across an ad for Gufrun Joden in a Coast magazine - but am in USA and oddly enough I cannot get the catalog online - it won't load properly. At least I found your site by google uk-ing the name - I envy you your catalogs! The shirt in the ad in my UK magazine - a blue sort of smock - was lovely.

judith Hooper

I have been lucky enough to buy lots of GJ items over the past 3 years and I love them. It feels like I'm wearing the most comfortable clothes and I'm able to be a bit hippy at the same time. I don't love everything in the catalogues but what I have forms the core of what I enjoy wearing.


Look on e bay I've had some amazing Gudrun bargains!


I discovered Gudrun last Autumn through a British magazine. I absolutely agree with what you say about the alternative to the killer stilettos as well as the unkept jeans and frumpy t-shirt.
Her clothes are stylish, different, and so beautiful (yet quite expensive!)
I have bought a bargain skirt and a Spring parka and I wouldn't trade it for any fancy label.
I hope you enjoy your catalogues and possibly your shopping, too!


I have collected the catalogues for three years now and sometimes buy something online from the sales. Recently went to Stockholm and found the Gamlastan shop - what a delight! Seeing the clothes on display and the layout of the shop I just wanted everything.


I discovered Gudrun Sjoden through my textile degree studies, via her website and like you I love her layering style. However, through your site I am now going to become a catalogue collector and have no doubt they will inspire me for many years to come. I too agree about the alternative to stiletto wearing career girls. Ps. Her accessories and home furnishings are fabulous too!


hi there, I still get inspired here! Thank is fun to look at your pages
Hilde from belgium

Lynne Radcliffe

Hi there,
Oh what amazing clothes! I am a layering type of person but have to be aware of the Australian climate!!! Awaiting a catalogue with some excitement!
Lynne from Australia

Anita Giltner

Love Gudrun clothes and wear them with garage sale finds and clothes that I make myself. It gives you a unique style but also practical and comfortable. I have sweaters, tops and shoes, many scarves and enjoy them very much. Layering is definitely for me, year around.

Melanie Russell

I too am a great fan of Gudrun's clothes! I am an artist and I am inspired by the catalogues for colour combinations and also use them in collages. These clothes are amazing!


Sorry if I'm a little late to the party, but I am absolutely addicted to Gudrun's catalogues. I have only discovered her last year, have bought quite a few clothes (ahem, don't tell the other half but I spent a fortune) and would love to see her old catalogues. Is there anyone who might sell them? Or share them with me so I can copy them? I would of course return them to you and pay for postage.

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