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December 10, 2007



Oh! I had those cakes several times when we were in Portugal (Lissabon, sigh) and they're so good. I wish I could get them here. I used to play Bubble Bobble, too - with one of my childhood friends. It's an underestimated game!


I do like the way you combine your photos.
together they paint stories.
And slippers are fab.


ehhhhhhhhh bolo de arroz!!! it's my favourite little cake :D
I love it.
if you came to portugal one of these days don't forget to let me know ;)
I would love to meet you =))


BubbleBobble is the only game I could ever play. It is the best of all. Good times!


Those slippers look great! What is this puffy paint you mentioned, and how does it work?


i heart tetris...

and that cake looks scrumptious...


Cute slippers! I've been wanting to make a pair for ages.

A word of caution about the puffy paint it does not last and since it is a plastic will make the slippers slippery.

It is safer to make soles from thrift store suede (old jacket, purse, etc). You could do just the toe, heel or the whole sole.
If you want a safe spray, use a non-skid fabric coating like Plasti Dip ( Performix) Super Grip

You can get the non-skid fabric coating sprays at the hardware store, & Canadian Tire.


what is this bubble bobble you speak of? i feel so out of the loop!!
your tree looks so pretty! and those slippers are perfect! and the cake!!! oh my! lovely lovely pictures!


I love your slippers, and thanks for the link. I went right to it to see the tutorial. I wish i had my Christmas tree - the store in our neighbourhood that sells them says that their supplier is late. Very late.


I love that you wrote "after sitting naked and shy"...He looks so good in all his finery now.


Oh, my heart just stopped with the sight of a Bolo de Arroz in a most unexpected place!

Oh, I miss it so much!

Ten more days and I´ll be having as many as I want! :)

Lovely slippers!



Hi Tania! Your tree looks beautiful! It's starting to feel very festive in blogland. Love your slippers! That's a fab idea putting that paint on the bottom to stop them slipping around. Your mum's going to be really pleased. :-)


I have my original nintendo, too! I just can't find the cord to hook it up, though. ROMs for the computer are my best friend :)


Portuguese pastries and bubble bobble! Life does not get much better than that.


I love the tree... we still haven't bought one. Jonathan took loads of black and white photos for our nearby angels (in the cemetary) then made them in to moo cards. They will decorate our tree. I'll post a pic when it is ready... i hope it looks good


oh that cake! you know, when i was a child, when going out for tea, that was the only cake mothers allowed kids to eat! IT´s made of rice!!!!

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