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January 31, 2008



Hi Tania,
I recognize the lovely little character you are sewing:) Can't wait to see the finished piece.
Please let me know if it is okay for me to use Berkeley's image in some things I may make for myself (ie. have her tappity tapping on my to-go cup, on my personal website if I ever get around to having one, etc...) credited to you, of course. She is too wonderful not to display! You may of course use bits and bites of her text, if you wish:)



Let me be honest with you. I was going to paint on a coffee mug so I googled for a bit for inspiration and ideas and came across your blog site. And this was about 2 weekeneds ago. Since then, I've been crazy about your site. I never realised that colors could make me so happy.

And the best part of your site is your posts in August 2007. The colors in that page are absolutely amazing. I definitely make it a point to go to that page everyday and look at the colors. I love all the colors of the attic, your mom's porch and your mat.

Great work, girl!



oh, Tania, I already love that little bird you are sweing :)
and pedicure is one of the best things in life :) go for it!

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