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January 30, 2008



that brownie and faux coffee look so yummy! i love that picture of the people helping their friend sweet! and 3 big cheers for the NFB! unfortunately, it's one of those places i rarely think to go to.


How did I *not* know you are in Toronto? I recognized the rink! Yay, I'm there too :) And thanks for reminding me about The Danish Poet - been meaning to see it :)

michelle y.

Yay for the danish poet! I just got it from the library this weekend and loved it! I got a little teary-eyed too, but we'll just keep that secret! Glad you made time for skating. Hope you're well Tania!


you skate! how wonderful!
I missed it so much...

I like how you write about your "crimes" :) Please do them as often as you can!

Oliver Rain

I am going to Toronto in just a few weeks. I'm so excited. I used to live in Vancouver and loved filling my days with such wonderful little things. Living in a smallish Alberta city is just not as exciting. We see only blockbuster movies, shop at the local mall. The only things that saves me is the best coffee shop in the world down the street.
I love the anonymity of a big city. I can't wait to lose myself in Toronto for a few hours very soon!


If the coffee substitute is what I think (Postum), it's really good, especially with sugar and cream ---- yummy. I LOVE the Danish poet, I can watch it over and again without being tired of it - glad that Torill Kove was recognized for it. Continue to enjoy life, we only have one.


Tania this day sounds so wonderful. You crammed so many fantastic things in to it. I love the fact that you went skating in the middle of the day. YAY!

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