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February 20, 2008



What an amazing, beautiful find. The price is unbelievable.


damn you and your beautiful find that i can't get! i was hoping you'd say it was from etsy or somewhere else...xx
oh but if you happen to find another could you send it my way please? ta, that'd be great (especially as you failed on the sending of snow) x

natasha s

What a great pin and what a steal! 25cents!!!!
I find that I too will find things at goodwill that I have been eyeing the previous year at retail.I bet you got all four for less than the original price of one didn't you?
Since we moved to NJ I have yet to find a decent goodwill.In CT they were great.
Give us a peek of your goodwill sweaters then!!
I am curious as if it is one of the many that I have looked at but been to stingy or should that be,right minded!! to buy,
Take care,
oh I have more visitors coming in from the UK in two weeks,want any smarties or the like??
let me know,


I was kinda hoping you'll say that you bought it in Etsy too :)

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