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February 13, 2008



your little quilt is charming! and i agree with the ediblity of those squishy things (when i first saw those type of things in stores, i thought they were for eating!)


Reading this about the squishy yummy hearts made me laugh. A friend gave my daughter (2 yrs at the time) a cat made of the same sticky stuff. One day I looked at the window and noticed half the head gone. You can see where this is going. She did indeed, chop whole heartedly down on the gummy, yummy kitty's head (they can't lie at 2 years old). No harm, no foul, but the kitty went in the garbage.

jenny v.

oh i've seen these sticky pieces - but only in shops, they look so very pretty with the light going through them in your window!

happy valentines day tania ::


Tania, it's fantastic! i love the colors and the scribbly quality of the patch/drawing/embroidery. hooray!
i wish we could take some of your snow to LA. it's been a bit too hot and dry here for the season. February in Southern-California? it's just a suggestion...


Your mini quilt is so adorable!

I hear ya about the lack of vitamin D and the cabin fever - I am eagerly waiting for March and those first hints of spring!


I think your quilt is lovely! It's a bit hard to be cheery these days with all the snow, but I keep up hope by telling myself that it's almost March, and March has got to be better than this!


oh, Tania, that quilt is so lovely! I guess nothing can go wrong with your lovely owls :)

and as about spring... I tried to send you a small drop of spring via email :)

happy Valentine's day, dear


it's a gorgeous quilt,tania, really cute! :)


that is funny,
i also
to eat them...

happy heart day!


I love the image of the hearts out to the snow.I spent a long time today on flickr looking at toronto snow pictures... i was a bit homesick :(

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