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February 19, 2008



Yay! Just what I needed on this dreary, very long February day (which is only the first day of the week but which feels like it should be Friday....): a photo of yummy treats, tantalizingly posed and shot. Very cheery! Thanks!

ps-- of COURSE you have "wrist warmers"-- the rest of us just have sleeves, which is mighty telling about who the interesting folk are (and are not), I think. I am so glad you have them. :)


i've been meaning to make a "sleeve" for our tall glasses forever...they are way too hot when i use them for tea. never thought to use a wrist warmer! then again...i'm too scared to make anything more difficult than a 2x2 rib when knitting in the round. yours is so much prettier!!

jenny v.

oh my goodness! are those hearts? warming your tea?

eeep! :) delightful.


Are you on Ravelry?


tania, please concentrate really hard and let's make spring come already...arg!


Oh i love them. I want both the wrist warmers AND the glass warmers. Are you taking orders :)

Oliver Rain

I love the "tea warmer" and I had a sudden craving for tea and heart shaped cookies.


Tania, it's lovely! I bet it not just looks beautiful but is nice to hold too :)
and those cookies!!! like you were eating magical symbols :)


ooo I love those biscuits I buy them all the time...they are really good with tea. yum :)

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