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February 07, 2008


lisa s

what a GREAT book. thanks for sharing it!! let's hope spring comes quick!



Thanks for the link, dear one.

That book looks very yummy - I shall look out for it in our library.

natasha s

oh,I am hankering after a brown betty teapot.When I got married,I received three teapots!!!All where returned,all I wanted was a basic brown one!! Not a lenox or the other fancy schmancy ones that we got (although,of course I was very grateful for the generosity !)
I will get one soon,it just keeps getting forgotten about.
great idea for a plant pot though,any good suggestions on where to buy one online?
take care,


Hi Tania
I love the idea of plants in teapots. It is sooooo you.

I wanted to ask if i could feature a snow photo of yours on my blog to demonstrate toronto winters :)


I love your blog! It makes me feel warm and cosy inside - like everything is right with the world. :) Those teapots on the window ledge are so quaint. I can't wait for spring to see all my outdoor plants come back to life.


I snuck your photo in expecting you might say yes... check it out.


I can smell the spring here! :)
what a lovely ideas! Such things are so beautiful to me... you made my day :)

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