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March 18, 2008



Have a good break. Take lots of pictures of the cakes you decorate!


cake decorating has always piqued my interest too! have fun if you decide to give it a try. and yes, show pictures of your yummy results!


Hey, I understand your feeling about spring, there is tons and tons of snow out here (close to Montreal). I am so anxious to feel warm air and see the grass again. This year, winter started in November and has been steady since then. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy bulb plants to give me a sense of spring, we now have a nice and smelly pink hyacynth. It helps a lot :-) Go go girl for the decorating cake class, it'll be fun and the cake will surely be good. Enjoy your break.


(I couldn't view the photo you posted)
Cake decorating,oooohlala, that will be fun. I love pipping icing, so relaxing.
Girl cat is smart! Have a nice break and ENJOY SPRING!!!


Thanks for the new it...makes me happy...

natasha s

Hey up chuck,How's it going?
I love your spring picture.It is coming,first day of spring is here!1
Natasha x

Marcela from Argentina

Hi, Tania! I love your drawings! But if you don't feel good with them, something good will come from that feeling. Sure.
Enjoy the Spring... Autumn is coming here!

Marta Mourão

I love decorated cakes... And spring! Don´t go away for too long! :)

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