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March 11, 2008



taxes? dullard! SO glad we don't have to do that. at least not often. looks like you got some good treats to help you do it xx


Why not do Illustration Friday this week? It might get you inspired again :) Otherwise, draw something from Mexico -- maybe a Mexican hat.


JPOD! I am so, so sad. Thanks for letting me know though. :(


I understand how you feel. I want to do some more sewing but I am so caught up with college work at the moment that I have no time (I'm doing Fine Arts at college).

Nice blog, and I love the book "Crafter's Companion". Very inspirational.

jenny v.

ohhhh... are you serious? i wish i lived near an h&m!! that collection will sell out in like one nanosecond, :)

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

I am sorry to hear that you are not inspired..i think the crappy weather has something to do with it! perhaps a walk? Or go dancing?

I know that there will be a brilliant band at the Gladstone on Friday night along with a lot of DJ's. Maracatu plays good wonderful brazillian music that everyone is happy about!

i hope you feel better tomorrow!


If you are like me, I think you secretly enjoy doing your taxes...collecting all those little recepits, making tallies, putting numbers in little boxes...and maybe at the end of it getting some moany back :)
Atleast its a good excuse for tea and cookies!


That Marimekko collection is actually one I would consider queueing for. I used to work right next to an H&M, pity I don't anymore - let's see if I have the energy in April... Thanks for the tip-off, I hadn't heard about it!


I'm sad about jPOD and Intelligence too. Where will I get my Ian Tracey fix now...

I wrote CBC to complain. I want my Canadain content.


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