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April 11, 2008



Hi Tania,
I could eat your styrofoam cake, the icing looks so delicious! You are so creative:)Keep a close eye on girl cat, because Mr. Tibbs probably looks like a yummy ball of icing to her, too!


I don't know Tania--it looks like you are squeezing those fatties together. The cake decorating is awesome.


I'm so impressed with your cake decorating. Mr. Tibbs is also a funny little character... a bit too mouse like for me :D


Mr tibbs is so cute!
and girl cat is just trying to get some love time too. I'm surprised she has not tried to attack him...maybe she's welcoming a new friend :) nice photo of Mr tibbs from you last post
and *sweet* cakes! dreammy


Hallo, Tania!
wow, caking classes! that is something that I really would like to do! and it seems to be very, very funny :O))
We are waiting for the spring too to go to lang walks with my two daughters, Isabella is growing and growing and I want to enjoy every single minute with them!
I let you a kiss,
see you later,


I love love love your ilustration! Thisone would be just perfect to describe danish weather in general :)
And what a cake! it looks like you are a cake genius :)

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