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April 09, 2008



My sister's dwarf rabbit is here on an extended visit. I was worried how my two cats would react to him. One just ignores him. The other can't decide if he's a small, strange looking cat, or a toy. I have to make sure she doesn't bully him, although it's fun to see the bunny chase her around the living room!


I have to admit, I totally 'squeeeeee'd out loud when I saw the first picture. I love guinea pigs but I know that MY girl cat certainly wouldn't be able to keep away if we had a guinea pig house friend.

Marta Mourão

Mr. Tibbs is soooo cute!!


I love this big nose!

Marcela from Argentina

Hi, Tania! Ohhhh, I fell in love with Mr. tibbs.. and my children too! they said he is so cute! I love animals. We have two dogs, a cat, two rabbits and an old turtle who errived at my house one day from somewhere... we don't know.. now, she is one more of the family.
What a nice travel you did!
And, the course of making cakes seems to be very interesting.
I'm glad you are ok. Kises!


That piggy is so cute! Makes me want to run out a but one but my sausage dog would be on the hunt until she got the poor thing! Also love your Mexican plate...I love the that pottery. Your seedlings look happy to be alive!


I love columbines, too! And have always felt that they were wee little faeries....

As for Mr. Tibbs-- he's a darling! I'm so glad girl cat does not think he's a snack!


hi! Mr Tibbs looks just like our Piggy who went onto the great piggy heaven not that long ago. Piggies are the best!


oh, why oh why I don't have such a sweet neighbour like you?! I need someone to watch my kitty for 4 days and no one can... So now I have a new dream - to have such neighbour like you :)

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