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June 02, 2008



hey tania. i've been using safari with the new typepad and it seems to work fine, actually better as i can now do coloured text!. the only thing is that now, if you're doing a flickr link, you have to put photos in via the 'html' tab in the 'post body' part (rather than in the 'rich text' tab). give it a go, it's not too tricky (my top tip is to post all of the photos like this first then switch back to the 'rich text' tab to rearrange them & write). hope this is useful xx

Jane Christie

Hi Tania, I've been reading your blog for ages, having found the link on Karina's site. Thanks for keeping me entertained with my morning cuppa for all this time. Any road, the closest word I can think of for the cork thingys to rest pots on is a trivet. Strictly speaking a trivet should have three legs but it sounds more exciting than a plain old pot rest. Cheerios,

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