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September 10, 2008



That is so cool!

Hey Tania.. would it be okay if I did one of my local area? You know.. the streets around my home etc.. for a piece to hang on my wall. I think that would look awesome.

I love your quilt... especially the colours. I want to do one in all raspberry red and aligning tints.. throw in some bright oranges and a few yellows and blacks to make it pop. I have noooo idea what pattern to make it in though.

xox Nicole


ooh, i love maps! one of my old jobs was to draw maps and i loved it! yours is lovely.


Beautiful map, T, and it looks like it was a lot of work, too so kudos to you.

The murmur project looks amazing too - a cool thing to be involved with.

x Helen

Jonathan Howells

Love it! Makes me miss Toronto... maybe you'll have to do a London map next! Wink wink.




wow, the map turned out so well! i love it! i agree, it looks like a whole lot of work for sure.


thakns all!
i actually drew this at 11x 17 so it was big and took a while- not to mention getting al the streets correct-
;) fun!


Thanks Tania.. I will send you a scan when I am finished. xox Nicole


The map is amazing, and we were so pleased you could do it. It's all over the Junction now, after last week's launch, and I'll be trying to get it out through a few other channels the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled! We'll have another version with a few more dots for the multi-map city-wide fold-out too. Coming soon! Anyway, kudos and thanks. And hope to work with you again!



What a beutiful map!
And the quilt... It will be so cute..
Kisses, Tania!


Hi Tania! Remember me? I haven't been frequenting the blogosphere much lately but I'm catching up now. WOW. You have so many wicked awesome things going on. A book! So exciting! I'll have to pour over your archives to see how that came about. Congratulations and keep up the cute work. :)


Just popped by while waiting for my plane. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of murmur. I want to do something like that for my own area. I'm not sure I have enough stories but perhaps i can find other ones.

miss ya

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