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November 14, 2008



hee hee
you remember my aversion to those thick noodles. eek!

that mochi looks pretty interesting. i have no idea what mochi is. i'll have to google it. maybe i need to try it next time i make my way over to t & t.


hehe at first i thought the picture was a bit of mold or something XD sounds cool will have to have a try!

Julie Tirone

Hi Tania:

I could wander around in here for hours.....
but down to business... I tried to send a message to you on your
Email Me option but it was a no-go, so thought I'd pop the message in here.
First, I have to apologize because I 'lifted' some of your images to advertise you on the Craft Sale Website-if that's not acceptable let me know or if there are other images you'd prefer me to use just attach them in an Email to me at

[email protected]

Also, any chance of a plug for above on your site?


Megan Walker

Ooooooh yum. I don't have any molten chocolate cake (dang!) but I did post some delectable *hot cocoa* recipes on my blog this morning if you'd like to check 'em out!

Meg :)

beth maher

Mmmmmmm. I love mochi - the frozen kind with ice cream in the middle especially.

I also love you! I was actually admiring your work for Buddha Dog (love them too) a few weeks back before you added me to Flickr. When you added me, I was all hrrmmmm this girl sounds familiar... And lo and behold I had admired your work before! Your illo's are super-cute.

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