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January 14, 2009



Ooh, it's cold here, too! Today has been pretty icy and very chilly! Great little picture - the movements are lovely.


I love your blinky animations! We had a cold spell too but nothing like what you're having. Hearing about it makes me homesick for Norway - we rarely get any snow here.


it's funny how the weather reports have become so ridiculous! I was fine today, just wore lots of layers...and you are right it's winter!!!(and we are Canadian!)


hahaha...i quite agree. those folks in truly cold places like thunder bay and regina must be chuckling over dinner at those silly Torontonians once again for making a big deal out of a little winter hiccup. although i was indeed out in my warmest heaviest winter gear today! brr!


ooh, i can't believe i haven't commented on how much i love your little animated gifs. so cute.


I think the "artic air mass" is here's pretty cold -27C! They called off school today...the t.v. said it had not been this cold for 12 years? whatev... at least I don't have to go to work!

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