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January 06, 2009



manpower yarn!


I love that fishtail pattern! You perfectly described how I felt about lace patterns after the first time I knit one, too--it had seemed so daunting that I put it off for a long time, but then it wasn't too difficult. And such a big sense of accomplishment! I felt like a genius :)


Well put. I completely agree with your thoughts on the skill oriented-ness of knitting! And your sock and lacey pattern... delicious!


After I take that knitting class, I will be able to do this stuff, too! (well...eventually, maybe!) Seeing this kind of post is why I am inspired to take the class.


oh those yarns are so lovely! and the lace pattern, fantastic. i can't master anymore than a knit stitch. i'm jealous.


If you can knit that fishtail pattern, you can do cables with no trouble at all. They are MUCH easier than they appear; even I can do them! :)

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