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February 23, 2009



Soooo cute! Kids are awesome. And, for the record, the book is much loved in our house.

How do you draw so beautifully?


"It's TaniaHowells! It's TaniaHowells!"

I love it!!! I love their questions and I'm sure you had a ton of fun.


That is beyond cute. Did you feel like a movie star? Oh to be adored by loving fans. So great you can inspire crowds:) What a great teacher too.


I used to teach little kids and this post warms my heart! What great teachers to help the kids harness their energy so well when preparing for you. You are so loved!


That's so lovely.


That;s awesome!
So adorable!
you have fans, you superstar!


that is so unbelievably awesome!! you must have felt like a celebrity.

and how flipping cute are those little berkeleys dancing along the bulletin board?!? hee hee hee


Really happy for you, it must feel good to share and please others.

And it certainly doesn't hurt to be appreciated ;-)

Continue to do what you love.


What a wonderful, heat-warming experience. I am so flappity-tappity happy for you! Give yourself a Clap, clap clap!:)


wow! i had no idea they'd done so much prep for your big debut. can't wait for the next one to come out.


I haven't stopped by in a long time. I'm not sure why. I think I just forgot - bad me. How wonderful it was to read this post (a few tears swelling in my eyes with both pride and warmth and sadness for not being closer).

I could just imagine how wonderful it must have been to meet those kids and the teachers do in fact sound perfect.

YAY for Tania!

Megan Walker

What a darling post - I absolutely *loved* hearing about your experience with the kids and their questions about your book (and your 15 minutes of fame - that was too cute)!!! They asked great questions - I would have loved to hear your answers and even seen more pictures!

Nice job Tania - What a great day and terrific memory for all of you :)



That is so beautiful and special for everyone involved. As a reception teacher I know how special a book like yours can be to a child and a class as a whole and how your visit will be remembered by many of them for many, many years to come. What a beautiful story to stumble across this afternoon. Thank you!

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