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March 10, 2009



I am SO glad you read that and that you enjoyed it. It is rare for me to not be able to put a book down. I took every chance possible to read this ... from lunch breaks at work to standing in the kitchen to read while water boiled. I just loved this book! It really is a great message. Everyone is dealing with something, so it is so important to treat people kindly.


oooh, i want to read that book now. i've got so many books on my "to read" list. but it sounds like this is a good one to add.

your stamp is soooo pretty! it would be lovely on fabric for sure!

i too am longing for spring. these grey days are totally depressing. i am going to have a fit if we get another snow-storm this year!

lisa s

tania... that book sounds amazing... am putting it on my list to read. THANKS!


I've added "The Knitting Circle" to my reading list. Thanks for the tip!

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