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May 19, 2009



Oh wow! How I wish it was me (and happy birthday!!) I'm going to London in a short while but (don't tell the Brits) NYC is my true love (from afar, at the moment, though).


happy birthday! Looks like you had a great time. I can't believe you only got 3 books at that shop - what restraint!


i'm laughing so hard at "total freakout mode" funny because i can so relate! that's just how i felt. btw: i didn't realize they moved to bryant park (or nearby) until i clicked that link. is that the one you went to?

i'm so excited to hear more about your trip and see more pictures! i'm so glad you and paul had a wondeful time!!!


oh, birthday week in NYC looks super duper
Plus, Cake upon your return (with tea, I'm sure)
lucky you!


Woo hoo! I too have travel envy!

Do tell all in the coming days so I can travel vicariously through you!

Oh and happy late birthday!

x Helen


Last March I was in NYC staying close by Bryant Park, and I managed to miss that shop :-( so sad... I'll take good note of it, put money aside and next time I'll make a Tania of myself, go crazy and buy a couple of books!!!

Have a GREAT birthday!


thanks so much everyone!


Oh my gosh! If I ever go to that book shop, I will have to remember to bring two empty bags for the return trip -- one for all the books I would buy, and the other to carry my exploded head back to Minnesota.

Happy belated birthday!!


Happy (belated) birthday, Tania! Your time in New York sounds great - what a wonderful way to spend a birthday week! Hope you enjoyed your cake and that work goes well.

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