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June 11, 2009



Oh, Tania, I'm so sorry to hear that! Best of luck to you.


So sorry to read that... I do hope that one day, this difficult moment will end up being an opportunity for something better you don't even dare to imagine, but meanwhile, I really wish you courage to face that situation.


Sorry, Tania! That's not good news. I have friends who work at CBC (librarians and archivists) and wonder if they'll keep their jobs. I got laid off from my part-time job in January from another media company and it sucked. But guess what? I immediately found another job to replace it. I'm sure you will find your way to something better.


Oh Tania - That is just crappy news. I'm so sorry. Change is always hard, especially when it's unexpected. I say take time to nurture yourself with the things you love...tea, flowers, books - whatever makes you feel good. Great things come from change and you are brave enough to face them when you're feeling ready. You are such a talented, bright, intelligent woman - the world is just waiting for you. Trust that there will be new, wonderful adventures. I believe in you!


That's too bad.
You can always tell yourself that If ever you loose your job, July is good timing however ... envision.. making jam, eating strawberries, rasberries, reading in the shade of a tree, swimming in a lake, having lazy afternoons, enjoying your garden and don't forget petting girl cart :-)


So sorry to hear about this - what a shock for you!
I think the snakes and ladders theory does sum it all up well.
Best wishes for new opportunities.


Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! You are super talented and very resourceful so I'm sure you'll keep your chin up.

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

Tania, So sorry for your bad news. I am sending you hugs and strengh during this difficult time.


i'm so sorry to hear that tania - i'm sure the next ladder going a long way up is just around the corner. :)
and who knows, maybe your kids book author/illustrator career is going to take off in a big way!


:( oh no, i'm so sorry to hear the news.

but in the meantime stay busy. i'm sure this is just paving the way for exciting opportunities to come!


Oh man, I'm sorry. I know you loved your job. It's voluntary but I'm going to be looking for a job too this summer. The financial crisis freaks me out from time to time when the mental blocking-out wears off. Crossing fingers that everything will work out nicely in the end. Ladders, right?


BOO! Something amazing will come out of this! We are going through the same thing in our house with P, as stressful as it seemed, it is all ok, besides now I come home to dinner made for me every night! Of course there is that little hassle we call money but everything will be ok.

lisa s

oh tania... i'm so sorry to hear your news.
hang in there...


Oh no! Man, that stinks. I'll be hoping hard that you find something else that you'll love (and get paid for!).


Hopefully the break will allow you to relax and thrive in other ways. You will survive!


everything happens for a reason though it is sometimes hard to see the reason! is this time for you to take off as an illustrator, book writer, printer all round crafty goddess?
take care


I always liked seeing the beautiful things you would find at work and post here! Losing a job is so scary, especially one that seemed so well suited to you, but there is always room for something wonderful to take its place. Your next chapter awaits you!


I'm so sorry! I lost my part time job last year and just two months ago my husband was told his job was being "impacted" so we're both looking for work. Hang in there! It's bound to get better soon :-)

michelle y.

Sorry to hear the news Tania.

Good things are coming your way!


hey, i have internet now so i can follow your blog while i'm here!

that still baffles me why they have cut your job when it's going to make such a small difference to the cbc's money woes. chin up, tania...something good will be on its way to you soon i hope!


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