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June 17, 2009



I LOVE your bike! If I saw you ride by on that, I would be gawking at the bike with envy. Your hubby is very, very thoughtful!


Your bicycle is so super cute! I love it. My husband is going to buy me a bicycle, as a birthday gift, too!

I saw the most awesomely wide portion of a rainbow yesterday for maybe something like a minute and a half. I have never seen anything like this---the colors were stretched out so wide. I wish I could have taken a photo of it!


I think your bike is awesome-ness


WOW what an awesome bike...drool drool drool ...vintage customized, how could you ask for more!
Never ever leave a guy that gave you this as a gift, he's precious :-)

As for the locks, I recently got the Abus Folding Lock (I'm a lot into cycling and going everywhere on my bike, vintage and loved also). I really like this lock, it's heavy however but you can easily fix it on your bike and it seems really secure. Take a look at it on the Abus site:

I guess that life is brighter than expected so far, we'll wish that it continues this way.


Oh my goodness, that is the most magnificent bicycle I ever saw!


Wow, your husband is definitely a keep, that bike is so beautiful, I've always those those vintage style ones. I looked into buying one for myself but the new ones in that style are just so expensive! I guess I could look into 2nd hand ones but they usually aren't as good quality.


I think that bike is the most gorgeous bike I've ever seen!!! Your husband is amazing!!! I'm really enjoying catching up with your blog but I'm sorry to hear about your job. Hope things work out even better for you as a result, yin and yang and all that.


oh myyy i'm drooling over your bike. what a wonderful hubby!!


what a sweet bike! that boy of yours is so thoughtful! :)

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