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July 22, 2009



Wow, these flowers are marvelous. For us this year, there's not enough sun (or heat) for anything to grow :-( I really wish for a warm and sunny August for at least to be tired of the heat before getting back into the cold!

I noticed that you use your "butter container" (I don't know how to call a beurrier in English) upside down. I have a very similar one as you, and I used to use it this way also but I was told that the plate should go at the bottom... I liked using it your way, I thought it was more convenient :-)


Those hollyhocks are just beautiful! I love the color. I have rogue snapdragons growing around my house! I have a planter full, that has been growing "volunteer" for the last two years...and now there are snapdragons appearing in other places, too! There are some growing on the ground next to the planter, across the front step on the other side... in the back, they are growing out the cracks of a wooden barrel style planter and in the dirt (at least there must be some dirt there)between the concrete and the base of our garage! Go figure.

I like the idea of a pea or two on my way out the door! It would be a healthy little snack.


Your hollyhocks are gorgeous! I am waiting for ours to flower... just large bud-laden spikes so far, yours are way ahead. I only put ours in this spring but I think one should be a deep maroon and the other 2 bright pink. I read somewhere that you can eat the flowers... have you tried them? :-) Our foxgloves are over now luckily as they are poisonous and floss is a little terror, eating EVERYTHING!!!!! Anyone would think we didn't feed her! Anyway, I will stop rambling now... have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to!


oh my...i've been wondering where you've been but it looks like my bloglines feed isn't working properly. tonight it said there were 8 new entries for you(!!!) but they were all from the end of june until mid-july! it didn't even recognize the last 3 you've written. and why am i just getting those 8 now when they're so old? so annoying!!! anyhow, sorry to moan... just frustrated that i haven't been seeing all these lovely things you've been posting about!

those hollyhocks are unbelievable! you have quite the green thumb, my dear!

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