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July 07, 2009



i love your illustration of things! it's inspiring and i don't think i've ever tried yam.


I had yam fries for dinner too! Now I am off to the market to hopefully find some local strawberries to go with the rhubarb! It really is the little things in life- homemade iced tea makes me happy!


your drawing is lovely!
you should make it a postcard
...and where have I been?
I had so much to catch up on your blog today!
sounds like things are picking up!


smiling with you

lovely be

what a great illustration! and we share many of the same loves... books, yams, sandwiches - yes please! :)


What a sweet illustration!
At the moment I've been writing down all the things I'm grateful/hankful for in my diary, it really makes you realise how much you HAVE got.


yam, amen!


Oh, I like your list a lot (& the drawing of course). I'd throw in a root beer float cuz that is like the best.


Oh,i like your draw so much...<3 i just wish i can draw like that u are really creative and i really like yam with fries too it's so good =)


I stumbled upon this when I was doing a google image search for a background for my new desktop. I've seen a lot of people make lists about the little things in life that make them happy, but this is my favorite! Your drawing is amazing, and your list is so- as cheesy as this may sound- honest. Who else can say the robin in the yard makes them happy? Basically, your drawing took me back to my childhood for a brief moment when everything was simpler and bicycles and breeze greeted you at your front door everyday.

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