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August 13, 2009



Ah! What a lovely surprise. But it would drive me crazy, too, not knowing who sent it!


what a lovely surprise to find in the mail but quite a mystery, isn't it? could it possibly be from paul?? or your mom? hey, maybe your brother?

just a few ideas but i'm sure you've probably already thought of those people.

i've been wondering about what's going on with the job situation. i really hope something comes through for you at the 11th hour!


Hahaha Happy belated Birthday!


oh how lovely! i love surprises like that, very intriguing to not know who sent it! i bet the person who sent it has a big smile now knowing you liked it so much.

P.s. I would love to see a firefly. They sound so enchanting :-)


OMG Lia!! that was you!!
:) you are so clever!!
i never even guessed-


Yes, the fireflies and the whole evening was magical. I was just bummed we had to run off the next morning.

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