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November 27, 2009



Can't wait to get my hands on your new book. Sounds like it will be a story I love and can relate to and one that my daughter will need when she gets a bit older.


Yay...I can't wait for your new book to be out! It looks really lovely! Is that Willow with the blonde locks? She looks so familiar...who does she remind me of...oh yeah, she looks kind of like you! :)

And Lauren Child, she's great isn't she? Those Charlie and Lola books are a big hit with the little ones at school. Whenever the kindergarten kids choose one to borrow, I always read the title for them in a corny British accent. hee hee


Congratulations on the book! I like the style - reminds me of the picture books I read when I was a kid, only with updated teachers (she looks like a nice one, Mrs Post). I like the hat, too. Anything too big is all right, the baby will grow into it (hopefully not in time for summer, though :) + knitting stretches, which is what EZ says :)


Hi Tania.
Congratulations on the book. It looks wonderful. Today we were in one of our favourite bookstores in Marylebone High Street and I was devouring all the children's books. Eloise, Nicolas, Paddington and now Willow!

Did you know that my old boss calls me PiPi. I can't remember why - perhaps it was because I too was Pipi Longstocking for halloween AND I've been to her house on Gotland. I'll take you some time if you come and visit us and then we go to Sweden :)

Can't wait to see you.
Lisa xo

Mousy Brown

I've been knitting hats that shape this week - do you think its the weather??! :)


Congratulations on your book! I love the acorn hat! It's adorable!


was talking to Burke - good luck with your upcoming pregnancy.

all the best,
arounna + john

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