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December 18, 2009



hey tania!
I haven't looked at your blog in a bit
and its was so nice to see you have a new post, from today, no less!
ah, 2 weeks off! Bliss! Enjoy!
I know how you feel with the racing to the finish line
I am very much feeling the same way
always 6 more things to do...
and a new *shhh* book? oooh, how grand
keep it under a think scarf and all will be well!
stay warm

Mousy Brown

Those scarves are so gorgeous (yours included) not something I have ever thought of but would love to have a go now! Very exciting secret news - hope it all works out for you - Best wishes for your holidays, hope they are all full of crafty goodness :)


What a kind present, it seems you work with nice people in your new job! :)

I've been intending to try print on jersey for ages, and in fact, I re-read Lena Corwin's book last night, so your post is quite enticing. How did you finish the edges of your scarf ? Did you just let it raw ?

Oh, and congrats on the possible third book!


:) hey thanks all!
yes i did just leave the edges raw- they curl up- yay for no hemming!



wooowse, Americo yarn - lucky you!! i always walk into that store and sigh and never buy anything. sigh.

ooooohhhhhh book book book, how exciting!!!! (shhhh!)

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