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January 22, 2010



I knew it! I am so excited for you! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying all the fun little kicks and elbow jabs. I just hit 27 weeks. Much love sent your way!


Yay!!!!!!!! What a great onesie. Babies are the best!!!!!!!!! Motherhood is the most wonderful, multi-faceted, consuming, magical, fearsome, sweet, learning, humbling experience ever for me. I was so grateful to get pregnant. And I'm so glad you are experiencing this, too! You will be an amazing mother! So happy for you :)


Oh wow! That's lovely news, how fantastic!!!! Congrats!!! x


wondeful news! all the best to you and Paul and the little bean!


yay! congrats, Tania! that's a great project to be busy with.
many hugs!


Argh! That is SUCH great news! I am so very happy for you!

I totally want to send you a present to celebrate.

Email me your postal address and I'll send something your way - just because.

x Helen


Wow! Such a good news to share..I hope you are well and happy. ^-^


Yay! The secret's out! Look at that sweet belly. I'll bet you & the Mr. are glowing! xoxo


Oh Wow! (longtime lurker here) Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, best wishes!


Happy baby year! I like the silk screened onesie. I also like the feature that recommends previous related blog posts. There is delightful stuff that I previously read and forgot.


congratulations to both of you, tania!
i wish you a wonderful, problem-free pregnancy :)
all the best xx


Hello, belly! 26 weeks is the best bit. I started getting cranky when I couldn't put on my own shoes anymore ;) You're right to relax and take care of yourself. It's easy to strain and expect too much of oneself. I remember being strictly told off by my body after walking for too long in the streets of Tallinn at around 26 weeks... And remember, whenever you are ready for gory birth/breast feeding stories (with a happy ending!), email me :) xo


I was having suspicions too, especially after something you said in your last post :). Congratulations, what a good news for you, especially if this was a difficult journey! Take care.

(I remember discovering your blog and Leya's of Curious birds at the same time, and now you're both pregnant at the same time too :)).


Congratulations! Little boys are lots of fun. Mine has brought much silliness and laughter into our lives, and I hope yours will too :)

marta mendes

i am so happy for you both


Wow, congrats, this is awesome! I love the screenprint too!


I am so excited for you both - hooray! well done - lovely baby! what amazing news! I am so happy for you! Take care of yourself - pregnancy chat on request - remember - i am a midwife!


thank you all sooo much!
:) so lovely to hear from you all and to know i have this community of women who i can call on with any questions!!!

Mousy Brown

Congratulations! Welcome to the most amazing trip of your life - boys are absolutely wonderful (I am sure girls are too but I have no experience!) I just know that my two gorgeous boys (and their Daddy - he'll kill me if I don't say that!) make every minute of every day worth living - even the rubbish bits! Enjoy that looking inwards - forget the struggles and look forward to all those cuddles x


congratulations! how exciting! enjoy the waiting and planning and last bit of time to yourself! (go out and eat a leisurely meal at a restaurant)

congrats! =) you will love to have baby boy ;)
enjoy your pregnancy, are really special days.
lots of kisses.


Félicitations... congratulations!!!! Send you a lotta love and some energy (in case you're missing some). XX


the cat's out of the bag now :)
run with it!
thanks for the super lunch
hope your brownie was delish
I had something to give to you at our lunch
but I totally forgot
will send it in the mail
...boy oh boy o boy...


I am so happy for you, Tania. I wish you health, happiness and harmony...xo


Congratulations! I wish you an happy and calm gestation :)

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