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June 10, 2010



Congratulations, Tania! What a great birthday present for you. He's a cutie.


oooooohhhh congratulations! he is gorgeous :) i have been waiting for some news and was starting to get a bit concerned... although i do know what it's like with a newborn around.

go mama!

xx barbara


He is adorable! Congratulations. I hope your birth went well. I know how 13 days overdue feels, but it's all worth it now and how special that he was born on your birthday! And in your home! Happy happy happy for you.


many, many congratulations. i am so pleased for you! excellent name for a super sweet little man xx


Oh he's so beautiful! What a lovely birthday present! And Finch, great name! Let us know how you're getting on, good luck with all the adjusting. x


Congratulations Tania! So happy to see that all is well and so wonderful that Finch was born on your birthday!

All the best and get some rest!


congratulations! finch looks absolutely adorable. so wonderful to hear your great news.


congratulations!! your little Finch looks just lovely. happy to hear all is well! xo


I know the feeling! Wish I could come by for a chat (with cake). You'll get the hang of it soon enough, but life with a newborn takes a lot of learning... It's a wonderful time, still. Take care!

Tânia Ho

He's adorable :) Many congratulations, Tania !!!


hooray HOORAY H-O-O-R-A-Y!!!
I have been watching for this post - happy birthday to both of you - what a sweet little fellow he looks!
I well remember the turmoil a new baby can cause when you get to the end of a day with only one sock on because you haven't had a minute to put the other one on!
Oh the joy!!
take care all three of you and pop back when you have a minute in a few years time!!!


Welcome to Finch and congratulations to the (very busy) parents :).

marta mendes

i'm so glad to have news from you!!
what a happy family
welcome Finch!!!!


Yay! welcome Finch! I remember the first 6 weeks being an adjustment, then the first 3 months were a bit more manageable, then it seemed to settle down a bit after that. Of course there's always the different phases. Take care and enjoy this time and that babe!

Mousy Brown

Congratulations! I guessed something had stopped you posting and being a mama and remembering those first weeks I guessed we might not see you for a while! He is beautiful - enjoy your time getting to know him, these are the most precious days even if at times they feel overwhelming xx


Congratulations Tania! What a beautiful young man... you must be brimming over with pride.

And never mind the blogging you just take your time and enjoy your adjustment phase. Will be here waiting for more lovely updates from you soon xox

Kaye Prince

Congratulations Tania! He's a darling!


Hooray! Congratulations, and well done on the name--I love it.


Congratulations! He looks lovely! Enjoy motherhood!


Oh, yay! What a handsome little guy, welcome Finch and congrats to your proud (and adjusting) parents. :)


Wow Congratulations. He looks lovely and well done! Enjoy all the chaos and I will keep checking in to see how Finch is progressing.
All the best, love Holly, Lily and Violet


Oh Hooray! I know I'm late to the party, but I don't get online as much as I'd like anymore either! What a gorgeous little guy and a perfect birthday present to you! Little boys are awesome little bits of snips and snails and puppy dog tails and I'm sure yours will be putting about a zillion smiles on your face over the course of the next few years (as if he hasn't already). xoxoxoxoxoxo

Lauren M. Davis

AHHHH Congratulations Tania!!!! He is so Truly Precious!!!!!!!! HUGS, Lauren


Congratulations, great news!

Finch is a brilliant name too, best wishes to all three of you, 13 days over, I salute you!

Nicole Elswyk

Hey Chicky! Congratulations on the birth of your spunky lil Finch! Gorgeousness! ♥

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