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December 13, 2010



the joy! crafting AND blogging
tiny steps back to yourself
I'm so sorry to hear girl cat has gone to kitty heaven in the sky.
I'm sure she is rubbing noses with sweet muckaboo, blackie and dante, they are currently having the best cat nip induced party.
So glad we got to see you and P and F for good eats, I have some pics to send to you, very fun!


So happy to hear that you got some crafting time! I love the brooch...very pretty.

I'm sorry to hear about girl cat. It's always hard to lose a pet we love, even when we know they've gone on to a better place.


So inspiring to read about your baking, crafting and creative energy! I'm sorry to hear that girl cat passed away. I have fond memories of her and boy cat playing with yarn and sitting in your kitchen(s). Fuzzy friends forever.

Tania Ho

so sorry to hear about girl cat :(
and glad to see you're back to blogging more often (I should really follow your example :)


Good to hear you squeezed in a bit of crafting time. Yay for you.

So sorry to hear about girl cat. She joins a great boy cat. It is so hard to lose these great kitties! They'll always have a soft spot in our hearts.

kelli ann

>Maybe soon I can knit again...oh dare to dream.

This will come! and one day your boy will be snuggled up beside you out of curiosity for what his momma is making... Take care and savour those moments like skipped feedings! Sleep, rest and good health to all in your house...

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