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February 11, 2011



I love the cute!

I just had to laugh at the mental image of you trying to cram Finch into the bouncy thing :-)


Adorable fabric! Do you have a project in mind or did you get it just because it's so sweet, project yet to be determined?

So happy you found a bit of time for yourself! Enjoy...



Congratulations! I am impressed - what a productive day you've had. Aaaaand sitting to have tea and toast? Nice.
Love the plate and the fabric too.


I'm guessing he's starting to hate the bouncy thing because he's starting to crawl. Good on you for getting him in there and reminding him that he actually does like it and crawling isn't the end-all-be-all. Both of my kids were super early crawlers and never discovered the wonder of the bouncer. It made me sad.

And don't worry, you will have many fabric buying days ahead of you. It just might not happen very frequently in the next few years. xoxo


yup - i am thinking i maybe have 1 more week of the bouncy thing tops!
no, no project! i just had to have htem-


hi tania! i didn't get a chance to give you a proper hello when you dropped by the shop or to introduce myself to Finch. it was lovely to see you about and great to hear about your victories! hooray!

michelle  y

Yay! Happy to see this post and glad that you found some time to catch your breath. I wonder if it would be equally joy inducing if we had adult sized bouncy-things.

party bags

Very nice fabric. By the way, you have good friends. They've helped you out.

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