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January 25, 2013



I don't have that station but am still super excited for you. How thrilling an well-deserved!


Oh my gosh, how totally thrilling is that?! I'm such a nerd...when Giselle said your name, in my head I was like "Ooh, she said Tania Howells! I know her!". haha! Anyhow, that was pretty darn cool. I'm so excited for you! I think she skipped a few pages though, didn't she? I guess they have to do that for brevity and all. But that just goes to show you how well I know this book, inside and out, backwards and forwards. Poor Christabelle didn't even get a mention, did she?


YAY! That is so super cool.


Hurray!!! So happy for you Sis!

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